Rubber expansion joint

SS FLEXHOSE (INDIA) PVT.LTD., made rubber expansion joints to 8” of pipeline. The single arch of the rubber expansion joint is made out of EPDM rubber. The rings that hold it are galvanized A36 carbon steel, and powder coated orange. They were created to operate at 250 psig and an air vacuum of 30′, 1.75” compression, 0.88” extension as well as 1” offset to the lateral.

The expansion joints made of rubber are commonly utilized to correct minor misalignments and offset. Each one was tested at 250degF and 75 psig. A benefit of a rubber-expanded joint (also called an elastomer joints) over the metal joint is its ability to stop the transmission of vibration, and to do it without doing any damage on the joint. They can be used to seal the discharges and inlets of pumps only to reduce any noise or vibrations generated by the pump.

They are flanged in an integral design, where gaskets are not needed. Reinforcing rings made of metal can be used to resist stretching and pressure during the operation. Fabric reinforcement inside the rubber may be used to withstand the strain of pressure from fluids. In SS FLEXHOSE, our engineers are trained professionally and certified to create and build units designed specifically to meet your requirements according to the expansion joint manufacturing association (EJMA).

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