SS FlexHose

Steel Industry

Extreme temperatures, continuous operation, vast axial and radial forces, serious pollution, and minimum installation conditions within the field of production, for example, drive parts utilized in rolling mills or melting furnaces, are exposed to extreme conditions that they need to address to make sure a perpetually high production quality and continuous method stability. Whether or not we’re talking concerning damping, coupling or lockup parts, and individual or system solutions, normal or special styles – all around the globe, leading users from the industry has the benefit of the highest quality of SS flex hose with relevancy accessibility, exactness match, practicality, potency and sturdiness.

In rolling mills of the industry, for example, metal sheets, tubes and rails are factory-made from base merchandise that is on the market within the style of bars or slabs. The blazing hot, extraordinarily load-intensive rolled material should be stopped quickly and faithfully in specific positions on the roller conveyors.

 In doing, therefore, they defend adjacent piping and instrumentality from injury. SS Flex hose styles and manufactures a large variety of metal bellows and growth joints for steel mills that play a vital role in the functioning of key instrumentality like blast furnaces.

  1. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Oil Hose
  2. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Steam Hose
  3. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Fuel Hose
  4. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Gas Transfer Hose
  5. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided High-Temperature Water Hose
  6. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Cooling Hose Low Temperature
  7. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided PTFE Hose
  8. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Exhaust Bellow
  9. SS Braided PTFE Food Grade Hose
  10. SS Expansion Bellow
  11. SS Interlocking Hoses
  12. SS Rubber Expansion Bellow


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