SS Flex Hose

Power (Coal, Thermal & Gas)

SS Flex hose has been developing and producing energy, oil, and gas utility products since 2010. Much incredibility within the energy, oil, and gas market springs is done from the utilization of materials. Therefore, we tend to place unmatched stress on engineering and scientific discipline.

We are best known for our ability to figure with a huge stock of premium speciality materials to create custom conduit and hoses forms. Because of our extremely versatile staff, we tend to trade specialists in producing advanced elements. Our engineering and creating groups will support your application’s material, and technology wants from steel, rubber, and Teflon hose.

Having firm scientific and technical footing is vital once you’re coming up with a replacement part for an oil rig, down real hardware, field drilling, turbine, turbine, or alternative application. Our knowledgeable style engineers have over thirty years of expertise operating with oil exploration and services corporations.

We provide a wide variety of products generally used in this industry. Some are explained below:-

  1. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Bellow Use In Boiler
  2. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Hose For Tanker Loading – Unloading
  3. SS Expansion Heavy Thickness Bellow Use In boiler
  4. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Oxygen Gas Transfer Hose
  5. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided PNG Gas Transfer Hose
  6. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Hose Use In Furnace
  7. SS Expansion Bellow Use In Furnace
  8. SS Expansion Universal Bellow Use In Furnace
  9. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Hose Use In Coal
  10. SS Corrugated Braided flexible Steam Hose
  11. SS Corrugated Flexible Hose Supply For D.M Water


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