SS Flex Hose

Industrial HOSES

SS Corrugated Hose

SS Corrugated Hose

SS Corrugated Hose is specially designed to achieve various objectives, including pressure, flexing vibration movements, suppressing noises, multiple liquids (fluids, coolant, oils).

SS Hose with Braid

flexible steel pipe

SS Hose with Braid is designed to be used around the corrugated tube to try and improve the strength of the hose. Without a braid, this hose can be vulnerable to elongation when pressurized—the best Stainless Steel hose in INDIA.

SS Hose without Braid

ss flexible hose pipe

SS flexible metal hose without braid provides a liquid connection with high pressure and is a temperature resistance hose. It is easily fitted and installed, and all depends upon the structure of the hose

SS Bellows

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SS Bellows are designed to bear the internal pressures of bellows, thermal expansion, mechanical vibrations of different pumps, compressors, turbines component, motors, vessels.

SS Fittings

ss flexible hose pipe

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings are an important component in the steel industry; many fixtures are joined with the help of various types of material as per the requirements.

SS Hose with Assemblies

SS Hose with Assemblies is a combination of both hose and end fittings. It depends on the different sizes and styles of fittings used for the hose. SS hose is a perfect choice

Rubber Bellows

rubber expansion bellow

A rubber bellow could be a hinge that will absorb movements in axial, lateral or angular directions. Bellows are widely used in Automotive. However, there are additional applications