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Rubber Bellows


rubber bellow could be a hinge that will absorb movements in axial, lateral or angular directions. We are the rubber Bellows manufacturers which are widely employed in Automotive; however additionally realize applications in alternative industries like agriculture, chemical, physics (robotics), food process and misc. Producing.

Most of our rubber bellows hose are cylindrical; however, some are in the market in a cone or rectangular shapes. The structure of the bellow ensures that they’re compressible and stretchy. These are wont to cowl and defend varied machine elements like pistons, shafts, screws, spindles or pistons from mud, dirt, UV rays, humidity, chemicals or oil sprays and alternative contaminants. All convoluted rubber bellows are shaped and in the market in several sizes, also as hardness or colours.


  • Absorption of thermal enlargement or contraction of straight pipe runs where proper anchoring and guiding are possible.
  • Addition of flexibility briefly complicated piping on machinery and vessel.
  • Isolation of mechanical vibration from piping and Ducting.
  • Sealing piping penetrations in bulkheads of stuff vessels, heat exchangers and ships.
  • Pressure operated management systems to soak up vibrations.


  • Diesel engine construction: For exhaust lines of huge engines to soak up mechanical vibrations and thermal expansions.
  • Pipeline construction: For steam, fuel oil and water lines.
  • Heat money handler construction: soak up the differential enlargement between shell and tubes.
  • Nuclear Industries: Compensators with external protect atomic power Plant.

The employment of finest materials, optimized production strategies with low stress to the material, trendy and economic instrumentality and devices and that last but not least, qualified personnel with a way of responsibility are the foremost vital factors to ensure the standard of our products.

Rubber expansion Joint Bellow

Rubber expansion bellows is the most effective answer to isolate vibration, dampen noise and pressure surges returning from, for instance, engines, pumps and turbines. These enlargement joints are appropriate to compensate for thermal elongation or misalignments to boot. We tend to engage in providing supreme quality universal Rubber Bellows. Our type of Rubber Bellows is famed for exhibiting qualitative options that produce them apt to resist harsh climate. We can manufacture Bellows of Natural, Neoprene, EPDM and synthetic rubber. The offered Rubber enlargement Bellows are properly checked on totally different quality provisions to form bound our zero-defect policy. These Bellows are on the market at trade leading costs in India.


  • Easy to suit
  • Robust construction
  • Durable
  • Reduce Vibration
  • Dampen Sound Transmission
  • Light Weight
  • Reduced Heat Loss


  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Sewage Disposal
  • Heating and ventilating systems
  • Heavy Industries
  • Air learning

Rubber Universal expansion Bellow

Universal expansion joints encompass two multi-convoluted bellows connected with AN intermediate pipe into one assembly. Universal enlargement joints that permit all three movements: axial, lateral and angular at the same time.

Rubber Bellow with projection

Flanged enlargement Joint is also referred to as flanged rubber bellows expansion joint,hinge projection that is employed to scale back excessive force, vibration, and noise transfer through connections once some instrumentality can be flexibly connected to piping systems. Rubber expansion bellow Joint is also used to protect seal cowl in applications requiring protection against mud, moisture, oils, chemicals, UV, and alternative environmental components.


  • Shock absorption.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Versatile and secure seal around moving elements and elements.
  • Extended lifetime of system elements.