SS Flex Hose

Commercial food services

When it involves food and drinkable, you wish to be completely sure that no unwanted substances will enter the method. SS Flex hose has established a great name for quality and repair and, in testament, hold many key semi-permanent contracts.

Hoses and bellows within the food and liquid business are divided into two groups: hose connected with the nutrient and hose utilized in the background processes. It’s critically vital that the bellows connected with the nutrient kind a seamless and sleek link with the remainder of the assembly line. This prevents any chance for the medium to urge treed within the bar and eliminate any potential breeding grounds for microorganism to grow. Operative pressures are lower compared to different business segments. The strongest chemicals that food and liquid hoses got to face up are concerned with the cleansing and sterilization processes.

  1. SS C-Flex Type Braided Flexible Hose
  2. Teflon Hose
  3. PTFE Hose


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