SS Flex Hose

Cement Industry

At SS Flex hose, we concentrate on making specific plant safety. Notwithstanding whether the medium to be transported is fluid or volatilized, we tend to see it as our responsibility to confirm that media stay wherever they’re supposed. Committed to the present approach, our plant safety technology solutions – gaskets, valves, metal hoses, growth joints, and instrumentation – guarantee reliable and safe operation.

While not leakages and succeeding damage or material harm. Our mission is to help avoid such incidents through the availability of our innovative and state-of-the-art product that is customized to fulfill the precise necessities of the various industries.

From the sound and extraction of resources to the cooling, grinding, mixing, homogenization, and storage of the tip product, together with the reconditioning and process in crushing units, vertical and raw mills, and rotary kilns: within the field of cement production, made-to-order, application-oriented solutions are needed which might deal with probably vast mechanical and thermal stress

  1. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Flexible Hose


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