SS Flex Hose

Pulp and Paper

Pulp and paper trade processes have difficult service conditions for stainless steel hose piping expansion joints. These embrace air mass steam lines, hose with corrosive media.

SS flex hose multi-ply bellows are custom for these complex applications. We have decades of expertise in producing special alloys that can withstand harsh chemicals and by-merchandise the paper creating method. Our metal bellows components are designed for three hundred series solid solution untainted steels like 304, 321, 316 and high nickel alloys like Inconel, Monel and Hastelloy.

Our enlargement joints are utilized in each pulp line and chemical recovery method. Check our enlargement joints for our complete line of merchandise or chat with one among our seasoned sales and engineering employees to search out the correct resolution for you.

We provide a wide variety of products generally used in this industry. Some are explained below:-

  1. PTFE Braided Hose
  2. SS Steam Hose 
  3. SS Braided Bellow
  4. SS Expansion Bellow


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