SS Flex Hose

Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose

SS Corrugated Hose

Stainless steel Corrugated flexible Hose is specially designed to achieve various objectives, including pressure, flexing vibration movements, suppressing noises, multiple liquids(fluids, coolant, oils). Multiple options are available to prevent the occurrences, including braiding, rubber, Teflon, Pvc and other protective sleeves to guard the hoses more effectively.

 This type of Stainless steel flex hose is best suitable for all types of moving machinery and equipment used in several industries. We manufactures  the best stainless steel corrugated annular hose ; our enormous selection of hoses are accessible in different grades of stainless steel and comes with completely different hose assemblies. These may be used for various industries and applications, including Refineries, steelworks, fertilizers and prescription drugs industries. The Lubrication system is Steam, hot water, gas services and a Vacuum system. Stainless Steel corrugated flex hoses is used in railways, ports & shipyards, refrigerant service, air-conditioning & refrigeration. This corrugated metallic flexible hose is non-rigid connections for transferring different gases, liquids and other semi-solids

Description Specifications
Manufacturing Range ¼”NB TO 12”NB
Grade SS 304 – SS321
SS316 – SS316L
Temperature High – 650C
Low – 196C
Length Varies to customer
Different names of hoses SS Metallic Hose
SS Corrugated Hose
SS Flexible Hose
Different types of hoses SS Hoses With SS Wire Braided
SS Hoses Without Braid
SS Hose With Assemblies
Safety Features Absolute leakage Free
Corrosion Resistant
Vibrations Resistant
Extreme Temperature

The above specifications are suited for an application where working conditions one or more combinations of the following features which are mentioned above in safety features.

Pass of Media:-Super heated steam, Coolant lines, fuels, oil burner lines, Petroleum, food stuff.

Note:-Other details like specifications chart, temperature requirements etc. mentioned below with testing.