SS Flex Hose


SS EGR HOSE Tubes (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Tubes)

The engine’s performance is decided by the quality of air inside the combustion chamber, the ignition process, the pressure and the temperature. SS EGR pipe could bring in a ton of benefits in all these regards. SS flex hose utilizes its skills in tubing applications to manufacturing SS EGR HOSE TUBE PIPE to withstand the vibration stress of high temperatures. The thermal dynamics plays a vital role in fuel atomization in gas oil and diesel engines. Another advantage of the EGR tube is it controls the reduction in engines’ internal temperature, which results in machines’ longevity.

Types of SS EGR HOSE PIPEare:-

  • SS EGR hose pipe
  • EGR bellow pipe
  • EGR long type pipe 
  • EGR tube
  • Fire sprinkle hose.

EGR tubes are developed according to customer’s requirements and applications