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Automotive Exhaust Connectors

Automotive Exhaust Connectors

Automotive exhaust connectors are the best parts of different vehicles. An exhaust system is installed between the engine and muffler, used to decrease noise and vibrations from the engine’s exhaust system.

The exhaust connection types stainless steel fittings is connected between the engine exhaust and catalytic convertor/muffler. The exhaust pipe fittings connectors provide a leak-free connection, meet new emissions standards, absorb engine rocking motions, and decrease the vibrations from the rest of the exhaust systems.

The exhaust connectors coupler is easier to install, and parts align with the mounted exhaust pipe. The flexibility and stiffness can be customized as per customers’ requirements with better life and durability.

Types of Automotive exhaust connectors
Bellow Type / Interlock Type
With outer mesh/braid
With inside braid liner/interlock liner
Solution with weld ends and pipe ends
Special type (turbo dampers, self-support connectors, thermal compensators with & w/o flanges)
Automotive connectors vw types.
Excellent vibration & durability characteristics
Better temp. Control by interlock liners at a higher temp.
Various level of construction is present in all different varieties which are providing better life with the durability
You can easily do the installation & do parts alignment with the different types of mounted exhaust stainless steel hosepipe
Flexibility & stiffness can be customized as per customer requirements with better life & durability

Passenger Cars / SUV
Commercial vehicles