SS Flex Hose

Hospitality(hotels, hospitals)

In the sector of medical technology, sometimes the tiniest elements are needed, and this specific application needs miniature bellows of metallic components. In shut collaboration with the client, SS flex hose designed fast protection SS assembly products which cause extreme pressure. The protection assembly may be mounted and dismounted simply via a central nut and consistently prevents the adverse deformation of the belt pulley-block.

Especially for this purpose, SS flex hose has designed a robust miniature shaft coupling of special materials together with metal bellows and a specially designed affiliation between the hub and bellows – to the utmost satisfaction of the shopper. For advanced applications from the sector of medical instruments and machines, the SS flex hose offers a range of fantastic and ideally appropriate coupling and protection device solutions – even for minimum dimensions and installation areas.

  1. Liquid Gas Transfer Pipe
  2. Oxygen Tanker Loading & Unloading Flexible Pipe
  3. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Oxygen Gas Transfer Hose
  4. SS Braided PNG Gas Transfer Hose
  5. Teflon Braided Hose
  6. SS Interlocking Hose
  7. SS Conduit Hose
  8. SS Expansion Bellow Flange Type
  9. Rubber Expansion Bellow Flange Type
  10. SS Exhaust Bellow
  11. SS And Rubber Ventilation Bellow


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