SS Flex Hose

Mining & Construction

Aggressive and abrasive fluids combined with high temperatures and high pressures are common in mining applications. With SS flex hose top quality, certified waterproofing, fluid management, and fluid watching merchandise, it’s attainable to seal even the foremost difficult applications safely. The SS hose expert choice tool offers excellent support for proper choice and modification definition.

High quality bellows correct choice and qualified assembly personnel can guarantee high productivity (long time unit between failures) and a secure operating setting with optimum life cycle value advantages. The high-performance hoses handle the foremost hard-to-please media, from corrosive chemicals to abrasive slurry. Our quality industrial bellows are appropriate for varied mineral and metal production or processes with nickel, aluminium, copper, lithium, and lead or silver. With various SS bellows for all stages of the mining method, our reliable valves are trusty worldwide. 

  1. SS Braided Hose-Joints Of Valves And Pump For Mining
  2. SS Expansion Bellows Joints Of Valves & Pumps For Mining
  3. SS Rubber Expansion Bellows Joints Of Valves & Pumps For Mining
  4. SS Braided Hose Use In Mining And Minerals Industry
  5. SS Interlocking Hose
  6. SS Conduit Hose


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