SS Flex Hose

SS Hose With Braid

SS Hose With SS Braid

SS Braided Flexible Hose is designed to be used around the corrugated hose tube to try and improve the strength of the hose. Without a braid, this hose can be vulnerable to elongation when pressurized. SS hose with ss wire braid are perfect for pulsating and shock pressure, can tolerate high vibration conditions, which enhance the durability of a corrugated hose. The best quality SS hose with braid  doesn’t elongate automatically; this is a typical drawback with most brands in the market. The braided hose has an external layer of chrome steel wire to form the hose pressure compatible. 2 or maybe three layers of braiding are provided for top pressure applications. The braiding is quite flexible and follows the movement of the hose.
SS Braided hoses are flexible and resistant tubes coated with Teflon that offers different temperature options that work in high close, fluid or gas medium temp worker, and refrigerant applications. SS flex hose are in demand within the marketplace for their wonderful performance and quality to deliver exceptional leads to crucial areas of operations.

Description Specifications
Size ¼” – 12” inches
Material of Hose SS 304 – SS321L
Braid Material SS 304 – SS321
Pressure 0.5kg – 6.0kg
Inner Hose Size ¼” – 12” inches
Lengths Varies to customer
Advantages No Expansion
No Permeation
More Durability
Super Adjustable
Application Air, Steam, Food grade industry

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