SS Flex Hose

Water treatment & Water Waste

Expansion joints for device ducts are designed for air mass and low spring rates with high flexibility, and these parts damp vibration. Water treatment plants have confidence in various metal hoses and enlargement joints for prospering operations.

SS flex hoses are forever offered to assist outline application necessities for your next project, replacement, or repair. We provide resources to support correct installation and maintenance for extended life in commission on the far side of engineering and style support. SS Flex hose has a system for flow characteristics in bulk powders, preventing bridging, ratholing and droopy, likewise because the formation of ‘dead- spaces’ may result in product ageing.

The systems gently agitate powders, dramatically reducing particle friction that successively ends up in a good discharge from vessels and so the improvement of the merchandise.

  1. SS Interlocking Pipe
  2. SS Expansion Bellow
  3. SS Expansion Universal Bellow
  4. Rubber Expansion Bellow
  5. SS Corrugated Flexible Hose Pipe


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