SS Flex Hose

Ship building & Marine

Pipelayers are highly-specifically and extensively equipped operating ships for the giving birth of underwater pipelines on the ocean floor that afterwards serve to move crude or gas. SS flex hose preciseness lockup SS assemblies products are used within the storage winches of one of the most important pipe layers worldwide.

There they establish a zero-backlash association between the drive shaft of the winch and, therefore, the winch drum and systematically dependably transmit the torsion needed further as potential axial masses.

Specifically, because of their self-centring property, the lockup assemblies were chosen conjointly to meet the sheer necessities concerning the circularity of the parts used. The double-sided direction of rotation of the cable drum causes Associate in nursing extreme alternating strain within the future, which might be for good down pat by the powerful SS flex hoses bellows system.

  1. SS Expansion Bellow Flange Type
  2. SS Corrugated Braided Bellow
  3. Rubber Expansion Bellow
  4. SS Universal Bellow
  5. Rubber Expansion Universal Bellow


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