SS Flex Hose

Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas Refinery

Oil refineries and chemical plants generally utilize stainless steel hoses and bellows in their systems to process different materials, risky fluids, and processed products from one location to another.

SS Flex hose provides stainless steel hoses and bellows that are used to finish to combat pricey corrosion underneath insulation and are designed to be put in quick and straightforward reducing total cost in value and leading to improved safety throughout the installation. To guard the expansion joint against extreme temperatures, either a refractory lining is inserted (cold wall design) or high-temperature-resistant materials.

Gas fields are approaching additional and more remote areas to sustainably cowl the ever-increasing world energy demand. The oil and fossil fuel industries use many alternative kinds of enlargement joints and flex hoses to construct their systems. Triad Bellows style and production offers a complete line of enlargement joints and flex hose products for all aspects of operations, together with exploration, purification, and distribution of fossil oil and fossil fuel product. Outwardly controlled joints with cast steel flanges are designed primarily for transition lines to soak up giant amounts of movement. We can additionally retrofit your existing styles with options like floating flanges, flow liners and tie rods.

We provide a wide variety of products generally used in this industry. Some are explained below:-

  1. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Loading- Unloading Hose For Oil
  2. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Mineral Oil Transfer Hose
  3. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Universal Oil Fuel Hose
  4. SS Braided PTFE Fuel Hose
  5. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Sleeving Kit Solid Fuel Hose
  6. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided Oxygen Gas Transfer Hose
  7. SS Corrugated Flexible Braided PNG Gas Transfer Hose


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