SS Flex Hose

Cryogenics & LNG transfer

SS flex hose invests heavily in plant infrastructure besides materials analysis and development to form Indian country a world leader in specialist in Stainless steel hoses and bellows production.

As market-leading protection SS hoses and bellows manufacturer, SS flex hose incessantly invests in the latest technologies to improve our high-capacity production processes. Once it involves the pharmaceutical business, you would like to ensure that no unwanted substances are ready to enter the assembly method. Our product variety consists of certified and protection materials that are appropriate to be used in pharmaceutical processes.

With SS flex hose top quality certified protection merchandise, it’s the potential to safely use even the foremost difficult applications.

High-quality hoses, the correct choice and qualified assembly personnel can guarantee high productivity and a secure operating setting with optimum life cycle value edges.

  1. Teflon Braided Hose
  2. PTFE Braided Hose
  3. SS Corrugated Hose
  4. SS Corrugated SS Braided Hose Pipe


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