Why Metal Expansion Joints are strong, steady and tough stainless steel joints?

As an integral component of the piping system expansion joints are used to absorb the thermal expansion of the pipe, absorb vibrations, and fix misalignment issues to ensure that all systems function effectively. In addition, they are used in car exhaust systems as well as HVAC units, you will locate these components in metal and rubber.


Although they have similar purposes however, there are some distinctions that put metal expansion joints in an advantage when they are used in projects.


Read on to discover the reasons why metal expansion joints are superior than rubber.


The Difference

The metal joints that are expandable parts composed of thin gauge materials. Most often, they are made of stainless steel. The kind of equipment is able to absorb heat and mechanical motions during use.


However the construction of a rubber joint is made up of synthetic elastomers which aid in reducing piping system stress during thermal and mechanical motions.


Pressure Capabilities

The capacity of relative pressure will vary according to the dimension of the expansion joint as well as the purpose for which it is used. In general the rubber expansion joints will alleviate the required level of stress while keeping their flexibility. But, these joints cannot withstand high amounts of stress.


Metal is a more rigid product than rubber metal joints are able to withstand greater force of combined forces, allowing them to take on heavier weights. In general rubber joints can withstand upwards of 250 PSI, and metal joints are able to handle the pressure of up to 1000 psi.


Temperature Capabilities

Metal bellows that expand are able to withstand more temperature ranges from -420degF up to +500degF. In contrast, rubber joints can withstand temperatures from 230degF all the way to 400degF.


In certain areas the temperature of the piping system can overpower pressure and temperatures suitable to rubber joint.


Expanding joints of steel are superior than rubber ones because they can endure extreme temperatures and take on more pressure than other. Knowing the difference can help you avoid mistakes in repairing a situation in which metal is the best.


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