The stainless steel braided hoses are an ideal solution for fuel, oil water, carburetor as well as vacuum lines. With the perfect bend radius, that you can make the ideal lines for your needs. The hoses are double braided which means they can withstand extreme pressures.


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Metallic flexible hoses minimize the transmission of noise from pipes and prevent fatigue in pipes. They also ease alignment issues and decrease the stress on the flanges of equipment. They are made from corrugated annular 304 stainless steel tubing, which is covered with the tightly woven stainless steel braid. The corrugations are close-pitched to ensure maximum flexibility. Type MN comes with male threaded ends made of carbon steel.

The characteristic that helps give the braided pipe distinct is the reinforcement weaved around the tubing. Depending on the length and the intended use for the hose, one segment or a number of segments of wire or yard cord is wrapped around the tube’s body. The presence of cording or wire enhances the durability of the hose and provides the device with extra durability.


Although some braided hoses are very rigid in their design however, there are hoses like this which are extremely flexible. A good example is the hoses that are designed for the irrigation of a garden. While the wire or cord assists in keeping the tubing in place even with plenty in the pressure of water the reinforcement will not stop tubing from becoming folded to allow for storage.


There are many kinds of possible uses that braided pipes can serve. In essence, they are used for the transfer of gases, air as well as liquids at the pressure of high and low. SS FLEXHOSE Steel braided hoses can be useful in manufacturing environments in which they are utilized as a components of hydraulic systems, or to transfer fluid as well as gaseous compounds in the production process. It is not uncommon to find the air hoses utilized in factories to wash equipment during shifts to come from a braided hose.

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